Are you dreaming about having a Netflix party or Easter 2020? Maybe you’re like us and find yourself missing Trivia Tuesday and our awesome weekly bar trivia? 

Pub Masters Trivia has the perfect online trivia solution for you!

These are unprecedented times where COVID19 has made us isolate ourselves for the greater good but Pub Masters Trivia has found a way to combine our traditional bar trivia with technology which ensures you don’t have to be alone to get your dose of daily trivia. Now, wherever you are, the office, the couch, or the bathtub you can play online trivia with friends and family.

Most trivia companies offer you good trivia questions but we have GREAT trivia questions — Disney Trivia – Check! Friends Trivia – Check! Fun Trivia – Check! 

The point is our new online trivia game allows up to 100 players  to compete in a fun, interactive trivia quiz experience. You can now host or join players from all over with our online trivia format that is super easy to play along on any device. 

The Pub Masters Trivia Virtual Trivia Program is a great solution for many of our Residential Trivia Program members as well as our weekly Live Trivia players. The gameplay and objective is simple:

  1. There are five multiple choice question rounds, the host will read the question and answers will appear. 
  2. Choose A, B, C, or D or your smartphone or other connected device. 
  3. The quicker you answer, the more points you get. 
  4. Round five is worth double points (so, even teams at the bottom of the leaderboard can come back in the last round.)

The great thing about Pub Masters Trivia online trivia night is that you can play using any of your connected devices; PC, laptop, or tablet and cell phone. 

Although we are not in the same bar or restaurant like our typical trivia tuesday, the rules for virtual trivia are similar:

  1. No cheating, looking up answers, or otherwise being naughty. 
  2. Don’t give away or yell out the answers, use your device – remember the quicker you answer, the more points you get!
  3. The decision of the trivia host is final. 
  4. Person with the most points at the end is the winner! 

If you are looking for a fun and competitive activity to play with friends online, Pub Masters Trivia Virtual Trivia – Online Trivia game is the ideal solution. The PMT trivia questions and games are designed to be family friendly, ages 10 and up can play. 

Contact us today and host your own virtual trivia night with Pub Masters Trivia or join one of our live online trivia sessions with one of our amazing hosts.