Improve Weekly Sales with Pub Masters Trivia

Hosting a Pub Masters Trivia night can improve weekly sales as it is a great way to draw in visitors and keep them coming back week after week. Typically, bars and restaurants are able to turn their Tuesday or Wednesday nights into one of their most consistent nights by hosting a trivia night with Pub Masters Trivia.

Establishing pub trivia nights creates a following of dedicated attendees and may even garner the attention of various media outlets. Often, blogs, news sources, and social media sites will list and link to different activities happening throughout the week. 

If you have ever been to pub trivia, you can attest to the passion with which aficionados play all across the nation. Having a dedicated trivia night can develop quite large followings over a period of time. Hiring Pub Masters Trivia helps bars and restaurants develop these followings in several ways ensuring quick success.  

One of the fastest ways to grab your audience is through both a visual and audible presentation, such as the one Pub Masters Trivia produces. Pub Masters Trivia features a 2-hour, live-hosted, fully animated show that integrates into your house A/V system. This type of show will stimulate the senses of your audience grabbing them by both the eyes and ears. 

Pub Masters Trivia has a whole team to help with your pub trivia night. In addition to a stable of professionally trained hosts available for your weekly show; we also have writing, production, and marketing teams to ensure your event is successful. Our marketing team helps you get noticed by a larger audience through promotion utilizing all avenues available while our writers and producers ensure an engaging experience for all in attendance. 

We often encourage our various locations to have specials on trivia nights like dedicated appetizers and cocktails to enhance the theme of the evening. The trivia crowd tends to be social and typically like to drink, eat, and mingle. They will often come early and stay late to chat with friends or teammates which leads to an increase in sales.  

Want more information on how Pub Masters Trivia can improve sales or just want to discuss options, reach out to us today!
LaNiece is president of Pub Masters Trivia, a nationwide award-winning live trivia show specializing in weekly shows for bars and restaurants, residential & community entertainment, as well as corporate events and holiday parties, and large event or expo activation, she can be reached via email at or cell phone (352) 286-0535.